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Learning in Depth is an educational model designed to foster the skill of self-discovery. LiD goes beyond the curriculum, to empower young minds — encouraging students to explore, dig for their discoveries, and share their knowledge with their parents and peers. Backed by the science of how we learn, and built by educators with a passion for teaching.


Making an Impact

“LiD has changed my children!!! They became interested in discovering knowledge, sharing it, and organizing it. Their topic became a very close part of their lives. In the two short years since their school adopted this program, my children learned how to love learning.


Passionate Parent

“This is a fascinating, provocative, utterly visionary and courageously speculative imagining of an educational future…

…utterly connected to passion and identity…to those who aspire to deep understanding for their students.”

Lee S. Shulman

President Emeritus, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.