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Learning in Depth?

Learning in Depth (LiD) is a program designed to develop and foster the joy of learning in students of all ages. Each participant receives one topic to study throughout their school career. While the basic idea is quite simple, the results of the program for students, teachers, and schools are profound.

Why LiD?

Learning in Depth (LiD) is a unique program. It is only natural that educators have lots of questions when they hear about it. Most of the questions I receive as a LiD trainer (and former LiD teacher) relate to program principles (I’ve listed a few of these below) and...

LiD Presentations

LiD Presentations I get a lot of questions about presentations and sharing of student work.  Whether this happens once, twice or three times a year, sharing of learning enhances student learning.  How this sharing will look may be very different depending on age of...

A LiD Resource Black line Master Book

In this black-line master book I have included 130 of my own drawings of LiD topic pictures accompanied by facts and questions. Also I have included the weekly LiD Tips for home-school use, as well as, my first post. I created this book to be shared and photocopied by...

Engaging Parents/Educators to Work Together in Learning in Depth (LiD)

Ideally, Learning in Depth (LiD) in a perfect world would be owned and driven by the individual student, not the schools or homes where students reside. It would be up to students as to how well or how much they do or whom they ask for assistance with their LiD work....


Linda Holmes?

  • Teacher (30+ years, multi-age primary)
  • I.E.R.G. Research Assistant &
  • LiD Consultant (and Passionate Early Adopter)

I’ve taught elementary school for over 35 years, and in 2008 I had the privilege of completing the Imaginative Education Masters Program at Simon Fraser University. Shortly after hearing Kieran Egan present his revolutionary idea, a program he called “Learning in Depth” (LiD), I committed to the program. (Read about my journey here…) 

As an I.E.R.G Research Assistant and LiD Trainer, I’ve had the immense good fortune to work with the highly qualified and passionate members of I.E.R.G., as well as many interested local and foreign educators – participating in presentations with visiting educators from Canada, USA, Australia, Chile, Mexico and Korea.

As an LiD Consultant
I’ve spent the past two years assisting teachers in their implementation and development of LiD programs – in single classes, multiple classes, and schoolwide.

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