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I get a lot of questions about presentations and sharing of student work.  Whether this happens once, twice or three times a year, sharing of learning enhances student learning.  How this sharing will look may be very different depending on age of the student, their length of study and their sharing preferences.  Presentations can range in scope from individual presentations, to students presenting in pairs or small groups, to whole class and school expos or symposiums. Presentations give the presenter(s) an opportunity to share their learning, as well as, receive from the audience feedback and questions regarding their presentation. Students have the opportunity to learn from other students and to relate their topic to what is being presented. Below are only a few examples of presentations that you may wish to utilize.

Also very important is, along with presentations comes the opportunity to connect with others and to celebrate the journey and our achievements.

Cool Suggestions for Presentations

A Discovery Sheet Presentation. A simple overview of what the student has learned about their topic, i.e.; The best, worst, funniest, oddest thing I learned to date is…, The best joke I could find about my topic is…, and two questions I have about my topic are…

Oral Presentation. The student(s)create or discover a poem, story or song expressing the qualities of their topic.

Visual Presentation. The student(s) create a visual representation of their topics through sketching, drawing, sculpting, painting, paper mache, graphics or textiles.

Timeline Presentation. A written / visual presentation of the historical aspects of their topic.

Collage/Collection Presentation. The Student(s) collect / edit their collages. They make a 2-3 minute presentation to the class. Collages could be done on poster boards, overhead projectors and on computers.


Gallery Walk. The Student(s) create collages, posters, etc. and display their work in a central venue.

Comparative Presentation. Two or more students collaborate to show their topics and how they relate to one another. (i.e. ancient ruins and volcanoes, bugs and trees, etc.)

Poster Presentation. The Student(s) create an informative poster with information organized into sub categories with written and visual support.

Power Point Presentation. The student(s) create formal presentations on computers.

Musical / Visual Presentation. The student(s) create a video or audio piece that represents, expresses their learning about their topic.

Famous People Presentation. The student(s) research and present the people connected with their topic; scientists, athletes, historians, writers, artists, etc.

Fiction Presentation. The student(s) research what fiction (written, audio, visual) is available based on their topic. I.E. rodents has many stories… Velveteen Rabbit, Stuart Little, Peter Rabbit,

News Related Presentation. The student(s) research where their topic is seen in the news, newspapers, television, cartoons, documentaries and contemporary art.

If you have more presentation ideas, please send them along and I would be pleased to add them to the LiD Presentation List.